You will hear an extract from a radio programme about saving energy. For questions 1 to 8 write ONE or TWO WORDS in each of the spaces. Write your answers in the spaces in the text. You now have time to read the questions.

Listen to the recording twice:

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Read the paragraph below and fill in the missing words.

EXAMPLE. A home-owner could save around a year by making his house more energy efficient. ANSWER: THREE HUNDRED POUNDS

1. Energy saving action involves finding out if there are any , as well as turning things off or down.

2. The government aims at reducing UK’s carbon emissions by 80% by the year .

3. Dr Barret conducted a study to identify what an 80% reduction means when talking of retrofitting old houses, adopting new habits, designing new buildings or old houses, etc.

4. In order to retrofit old houses in Leeds, some important changes would include cavity wall insulation, fitting , or putting double-glazing or draught proofing on windows and doors.

5. Excellent standards in new buildings could approximately 10% of the 80% reduction.

6. Some factors that may cause a considerable difference in energy use are lowering the thermostat temperature, not having the on in unused rooms, or not leaving appliances on stand-by.

7. It is important to keep public awareness raising on the .

8. As a short-term solution, money has been given to those who cannot pay their bills to ensure that they can afford the for living.

Extract from: BBC RADIO 4


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