Use of English



There are several ways to avoid repeating words or phrases:

1. Missing words out

I can't really remember when or why that changed but at some point it did. (=it changed)

What words have been omitted in these sentences?

- She told me to do the washing up, but I already had.

- Peter won the contest. I didn’t think he would.

- A present? How kind! You shouldn’t have.

2. Reduced infinitives

Just ‘to’ can be used instead of the whole verb when the meaning is clear from the context.

On the few occasions she persuaded me to wear a sari (only ever to an Indian event), I’d refuse to. (= I’d refuse to wear a sari)

Which words are omitted after ‘to’ at the end of these sentences?

- John doesn’t want to go to the concert, but I’d love to.

- There aren’t as many refugees leaving the country now as there used to.

- At first, she refused to help her, but then she persuaded him to.

3. Synonyms in context

Wonderful…. Fantastic …. Amazing

Struggle … fight

Think of another word for these words: