This section is divided into two parts:

Monologue: Time: 4-5 minutes. You will be asked to speak about a particular topic with visual and written prompts to help you. Read the questions carefully and try to stick to what you are asked to do in the task.

Dialogue: Time: about 7 minutes. You will take part in a discussion with another candidate. Again, you will have both visual and written prompts to help you, which will be different from your partner's, but they will both have to do with a particular topic. You will be asked to discuss a particular situation and try to reach an agreement, if possible.

Some tips:

Keep it simple: Try to avoid complicated explanations or grammar if you are not sure about them.

Ask for explanations: If you don't understand what you are meant to do, ask the examiner to explain. For example, you could say:

- Could you repeat the question, please?

- I'm sorry, could you explain the meaning of the word...?

- Could you please ask the question in another way?

Use full sentences: Avoid answers which are single words.

Keep speaking: If you need time to think about something, try to keep speaking rather than remain silent. You could say things such as:

- Please give me a moment while I think of the answer.

- Let me see...

- Shall we start by...?

- What is your opinion?

To avoid wasting time, make it clear when you have finished talking by saying something like: That's all I can think of at the moment.