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1. The Hansen Family decided to leave Denmark because:
A. Father decided to make a change.
B. Father wanted to go to America to find a better job.
C. Life was getting harder.

2. When the boat got near Ellis Island,
A. everyone was amazed at the sight of the Statue of Liberty.
B. everyone was relieved that they could finally see the Statue of Liberty.
C. Mary couldn't see the Statue of Liberty because she was too little.

3. When they got on the Island,
A. many were sent back because they were in bad condition.they had to go through medical inspection.
B. they had to go through medical inspection.
C. the sick were looked after before they were allowed off the island.

4. Some children were turned away because
A. there was no one to look after them.
B. they didn't have any parents.
C. they were ill.

5. Once they were allowed in the country,
A. they were made to change their names.
B. they had to register their name.


C. they had to register a name that was easy to pronounce in English.

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