Speaking: Mobile Phones

1. You are going to talk to a friend about mobile phones. First, look up the following words in a dictionary and try to find them in context on the Internet:
- Hang up
- Pick up
- Missed call
- To phone/to ring/to call
- Text-message/SMS
- Battery
- To run out of battery
- To charge your battery
- To dial a number
- Screen
- To redial
- To call someone back
- Roaming
2. Now, with a partner, look at the questions below (student A and student B) and, for five minutes, plan the points you want to talk about. Note some ideas and make an outline of the main points.


1) What was life like before we had mobile phones?

2) How was your first mobile telephone?

3) Do you think they are dangerous? Why?

4) Talk about situations where you find other people's phones annoying.

5) What functions do you like best? 



 1) What was life like before you had a phone?

2) Do you think you could live now without one?

3) Advantages of not having a phone.

4) At what age do you think children/teenagers should have a mobile phone?

5) Do you know anyone who does not have one? Is their life easier/more difficult?