Writing - A Balanced Argument - Review

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A For and Against Essay, Part II: Connectors

In the previous unit you wrote a "For and Against Essay", or a balanced argument, presenting the pros and cons of a statement. For these types of texts, using connectors in an appropriate way is essential for structuring the text and convey the message correctly. Therefore, you are now going to concentrate further on the use of connectors in balanced arguments.

Read the paragraph below and fill in the gaps with the connectors below. Write the appropriate letter in each of the gaps.

A. One of the main advantages

B. To make things worse

C. therefore

D. what is more

E. However

F. Also

G. On the other hand

H. In conclusion


Nowadays, low-cost airlines offer us the chance to go from Madrid to Paris just to spend the day. Travelling is getting cheaper and cheaper, and with Internet check-in, we can arrive to the airport just half an hour before departure. , and although it has obvious advantages, flying is not as easy and hassle-free as they make us believe.

of travelling by plane is the fact that we can get from A to B quicker than by using other means of transport and, , we avoid unnecessary expenses like hotels, food, etc. , travelling by plane is no longer a luxury: you can get plane tickets for just a penny if you are prepared to fly any day, anywhere.

, travelling by plane is not as easy as it looks: there are delays, lost baggage, cancellations, and, , the long queues that we have to face nowadays because of the strict security regulations. , we depend on climate conditions and on the decisions of the air and land crew.

, I think that, if everything goes well, air travel has a lot to offer, as long as everything goes as planned...