Warm-up - How well do you know your stars?

Icono de IDevice de pregunta What do you know about them?
When he is in a tour, Luis Miguel demands...
a bedroom with black curtains so that he doesn't get the sun light
caviar for his pet Marilyn, a greyhound dog.

Blur demands a dressing-room with...
vanilla candles, champagne and three copies of the yellow pages.
five pairs of tights, Kinder chocolate eggs and a box with Lego blocks

Bruce Springsteen wants...
a table-tennis table and a pool table in his room.
an oxygen bottle backstage to recover after a concert.

Meryl Streep is terrified of...

JesulĂ­n de Ubrique doesn't let anyone touch his...
trainers. He washes them and puts them away.
car. He has studied mechanics and fixes it whenever there is a problem.