Speaking - Monologue


- Make some notes about the general ideas you want to discuss.

- DO NOT WRITE your speech. Just note down some ideas.

- Choose the ideas you feel more comfortable with.

- Use the dictionary to find the most useful words. In fact, you could make word lists related to the topic.

- Think of expressions related to the topic.

- If you don't know how to say something, say something else!

- Be natural and try to look confident: form is also important, not just content.

- You have 5 minutes to prepare your monologue. Use them wisely! Plan, plan and practise.

- If possible, RECORD YOUR SPEECH AND LISTEN TO IT AFTERWARDS TO IDENTIFY MISTAKES. You can also ask someone to listen to you while you speak.



You are going to speak for five minutes about a person you admire. It can be someone famous, dead or alive, or someone you know personally. You should include at least 4 of the points below.


- Who is he/she?

- Why do you admire them?

- What do you most like about them?

- Have you ever met him/her? If so, when did you last see them?

- Is there something you don't like about that person? Why?

- If you have never met this person, what would you like to say to him/her?

- Talk about his/her life.

- Talk about what you think his/her life will be like in ten years time.