Practice - Relative Clauses II

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Read the sentences and classify them as Defining or Non-defining. Write "D" or ND" in the boxes provided.
  1. The lady who cleans my house is from Seville.
  2. I saw the man she lives with.
  3. That book, which I bought in Florida, is not available online.
  4. Don't tell me that's the same person I used to go out with!
  5. I've had enough! That girl, who is always making a lot of noise, will get what she deserves.

Icono de iDevice Actividad de Espacios en Blanco
Now, look at the sentences below and fill in the gaps with who, which, whose, when, where or why.
  1. I don't know she doesn't like me! I am so nice to her!
  2. Tell me again you put my keys, I cannot find them anywhere.
  3. A person favourite hobby is to play videogames, cannot have anything in common with me.
  4. Don't tell me I already know!
  5. I don't really know they live...
  6. They know the reason they did it.
  7. Tell me, fault is it?
  8. I don't tell will remain a secret.
  9. you need is a new car! Yours looks is already old rusty.
  10. She doesn't know exactly she started feeling like this.

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