Listening - The business of being Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is using her celebrity status to...
sell various products
support various causes
support various horses

What kind of organisations does she like to be involved with?
The ones that she's just learnt about
The ones that she's never heard of
The ones that have touched her life

Which of these causes doesn't she mention?
Social justice

How much money did she raise for Mac cosmetics AIDS fund?

Which video contains advertising for
Poker Face
Poke Her Face
Bad Romance

What, from an advertisers perspective, is special about Lady Gaga?
She can sell anything because she is popular
She'd sell her image to any company to make more money
She can seamlessly integrate adverts into her videos

What position does she hold at the Polaroid company?
Creative Artist
Creative Director
Artistic Director

How does she describe herself?
As a billboard
As a Renaissance woman
As a radical activist

Lady Gag has decided....
to reject being a role model
to be a model
to embrace being a role model