Practice - Conditionals Type III

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Would have or had had? Fill in the gaps with the appropriate verb form.

1. If John had seen him at the party they talked.

2. I talked to him if I the courage.

3. I we the money to buy that house, we bought it.

4. We gone by car if we a car.

5. If Jenny had bought a car, she been able to accept the job.

6. If the lawyer an office he met you there.


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Read the conditional sentences below and decide if they are type 0, 1, 2 or 3. Write the appropriate number in the empty box.

1. When it rains, the streets get wet.

2. If your boss had had the money he would not have fired you.

3. If you wanted to come, you would.

4. If Mark stays, I will stay. 

5. If he had money, he would say so.

6. If Michael hadn't eaten the bear, the bear would have eaten Michael.

7. If you heat water, it boils.

8. If you don't talk to them, you will be sorry.

9. The doctor would not have given him the medication if he hadn't asked for it.