Exam Practice - Listening


- Read the questions carefully before you listen. You have 1.30 MINUTES to read them.

- If you finish reading the questions, DO NOT go and work on another part of the exam. Instead, concentrate on the exercise and re-read the questions.

- UNDERLINE the key words for each question so that you can identify it quickly.

- Before you listen, try to predict as much information as possible so that you know what to expect: number of speakers, male/female, possible background noises...

- Listen TWICE, and take 2 minutes after the second listening to check your answers.

- After you finish listening, check your answers. Then, read the transcript and LISTEN AGAIN to check if your answers improve.


You are about to hear four interviews with shoppers, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Please decide who says what, and then write the interview number next to the letter in the boxes below. Be careful: two statements do not correspond to any of the shoppers. You will hear the recording twice. (Marks 6 x 2 =12)
(From P. Certificación CV 2009)

Icono de iDevice Listening

Press play to listen to the recording. Remember that you have to press again to listen to it for a second time.



Which speaker....?



A. has only bought Fair Trade products. A:

B. thinks Fair Trade is a brand name. B:

C. has a weakness for sweet things. C:

D. would like to know where to buy Fair Trade clothes. D:

E. has a problem with his teeth E:

F. decides to change his/her shopping for Fair Trade shopping F:

G. has only bought vegetarian products G:

H. has bought nothing to eat H: