Tips for writing an informal e-mail or letter:
  • You can start Hi + name, Hi, Hello, Dear + name...
  • Use informal language and contractions.
  • Make reference to previous communications (I'm sorry to hear that..., It's great to hear that... I'm sorry I haven't written for, It's great to hear from you!...)
  • If it's just a quick note, say so.
  • Say what you can say, and think in English!
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Read the informal letter below and fill in the gaps with the following words:


sorry - all - letter - soon - sorry - homework - come - trip - great



Dear Martin,

Thanks for your , it was to hear from you! I am I haven't written for ages, but I have been really busy preparing for my English exam, you know, the one I have to take in June.

I am to hear about your sister! I cannot believe she had a car accident! Still, I'm sure she'll recover in no time, she's so young and strong.

You tell me about your new job and your new partner, but you don't get into many details!! Please, please, give me more details, I am dying to hear all about it!!!

I don't have many news... Actually, yes! I am organising a to go to England next summer with some friends! I still don't know the dates, but may be you could as well! What do you think? We want to stay for a week in a B and go to all the sights.

Anyway, that's for now. I have a class in 10 minutes and haven't done my .

Give my love to your family, and write !




Write an informal letter to a friend you haven't seen for a year including the following information: 
  • Apologize for not writing sooner. 
  • Talk about what you have been doing lately.
  • Give some information about your personal and working life.
  • Ask about his/her life and his/her family.
  • Ask about his/her professional life or studies. 
  • Remember that you can use the structures marked in yellow in the example letter above.