How to Dress Well for a Job Interview
Watch the video about how to dress well for a job interview. For the questions below, choose the correct answer A, B or C. 
Icono de IDevice de pregunta Reading Comprehension
What should you cover when you go to a job interview?
Your head
Your piercings
Your tattoos

What should you never wear to a job interview?
High heels
Red earrings

If you do have piercings, what is the advice given?
Don't wear any earrings, nose-rings, belly-button rings
Limit piercings to one per ear
Be yourself, wear rings where you usually wear them

Your clothes should be...
...of good quality and pressed expensive as possible
...very formal.

Why should you check yourself in the mirror, back and front?
To cover your tattoos
To make sure your underwear is not showing.
To check that you ironed your clothes properly

You should not wear "revealing" clothes. What does this mean?
Of bright colours
Showing something that should be hidden

Why is it a bad idea to wear noisy jewelery?
Because it can be distracting during the interview.
Because employers expect you to be discrete.
Because they it will make you feel insecure.

What is the final advice given in the video clip?
Practice what you are going to say
Arrive on time
Relax and be yourself