• Life is less safer than thirty years ago.
• People were more polite.
• People were more idealist.
• People are slightly less ambitious.
• People are a lot of more materialist.
• People are much worry about brands.
• People are far more alone now, because people prefer to talk with their computers.
• People need communication with other people by mobil phone and less face by face.
• Polution is far worse.
• Women are much busier.
• People are sligtly less sociable.
• People are a bit more unfriendly
• Life is much more confortable
• People are far alone now,because they prefer to talk with their friend on the computer than go away and take a coffe.
50 years ago, almost nobody had a car. Now, every family has one, two or three cars!!!! Parking when you finish your work, or when you go everywhere is very difficult and you waste much more time sitting in your car looking for it. So, if you count the minutes that you are in your car doing this every day, in one week, in one month, in one year.... and so on, you can see that you loose more time in that thing, and maybe you could do many other interesting things in place of that. People time doesn't have price (this is an Spanish sentence!!!)

I think that the life has changed very much, the life is more comfortable but always takes time, people were more to talk face to face and not through the computer
• The health is much better now than 50 years ago.
• The women rol is most important now at home, at work ...in the world.
• Now, people are most free to express the ideas than 50 years ago.

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