First, complete the sentences with the correct form of the comparative or superlative. Then choose the answers from the words below each sentence.

1) __Lead____ is ___heavier____ than ____iron___but ____gold______ is _the heaviest_. (heavy)

lead, gold, iron

2) ___The Earth_____ is __further__ from the Sun than _____Venus_______, but ___Mars____ is __the furthest___. (far)

Venus, Mars, the Earth

3) _____christianity___ is an ___older_____ religion than ___Islam___, but __Buddhism____ is __the oldest__ (old).

Christianity, Buddhism, Islam

4) __Canada___ is __bigger_____ than ___China___ but __Russia_______ is __the biggest____. (big)

Russia, Canada, China

5) __A jet engine___ is _more powerful___ than ___a diesel engine__, but __a rocket engine__ is __the most powerful__. (powerful)
a rocket engine, a jet engine, a diesel engine

6) __Rio de Janeiro___ is __closer__ to the equator than __Cairo__, but __Singapore___ is ___the closest___. (close)

Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Cairo

Acknowlegement:  Milestones Pre-Intermediate, Oxford University Press, 1997, by Tom Hutchinson and Ann Ward, page 40, Unit 5 "Comparisons"
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