1) a) France is a bit (a little, slightly) bigger than Spain.

  b) India is much (a lot) hotter than the UK.

  c) The River Nile is a little (a bit, slightly) longer than the Amazon.

  d) Tokyo is much ( a lot ) more expensive than Bangkok.

  e) Rome is a bit ( a little, slightly) further north that Barcelona.

  g) Manila is much ( a lot) more crowded than Helsinki.

Rewrite with negative, "not as ... as"

a) France isn´t as big as Spain.
b) India isn´t as hot as the UK.
c) The River Nile isn´t as long as the Amazon.
d) Tokyo isn´t as expensive as Bangkok.
e) Rome isn´t as far north as Barcelona.
f) Manila isn´t as crowded as Helsinki.

2) Answers vary. You can show or send them to me to correct, if you´d like.

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