• present simple
  • present continuous
  • irregular verbs
  • past simple/ used to
  • present perfect
  • would and could clauses

Speaking activities in pairs, groups, whole class to practise, review and reinforce grammar and vocabulary

  • Prepositions of movement: across, along, over, through, etc.
  • ed and ing adjectives to describe feeling: bored/boring, etc.
  • Adjectives of personality: talkative, quiet, lazy, hard-working...
  • phrasal verbs: bring up, look up, fill in, try on, get on with
  • My summers as a child
  • An ________ experience (exciting, terrifying, amazing, etc.)
  • The first time
  • My decision to become a teacher
Practical English
  • Giving Opinions
  • Describing personalities
  • At a hotel: checking in, room service
  • True Blue ( Madonna) present perfect
  • Where have all the flowers gone (Pete Seger) present perfect

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