• word order in questions
  • present simple
  • frequency adverbs
speaking activities in pairs, groups, and whole class to practise, review, and reinforce grammar and vocabulary

Don´t worry, Be Happy

  • the alphabet
  • numbers
  • the body...phrases with body, for example, "an arm and a leg" "pulling one´s leg" "keep one´s fingers crossed" "see eye to eye", "give a hand"
  • prepositions of place
  • opposite adjectives
  • phrasal verbs
give away
give up
hang up
put on
run after
sit down
switch on/off
take off
throw away

Additional vocabulary:
  • part time
  • treat
  • clutter
  • whenever
  • rather than
  • hectic
  • laid back
  • rush hour
  • daydream
  • tip
  • opposite
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