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For me, the word most important is Besides /bI'saIdz/ because I was wrong and I thought that the mean of "besides" was the mean of "beside"... ooohhh, great wrong!!!

What is the diference?

Are you doing a training course besides this one?

I have a car besides this motorcycle.


He is sat beside me. Correction: He sat beside me.

I toke the hand the girl beside me. (I don't know if this sentece is write correctly) Correction: I took the girl´s hand beside me.

Michele here...I agree that "besides" is a confusing but good word.

Below is the explanation from Practical English Usage by Michael Swan.

"Beside" is a preposition meaning "at the side of", "by", "next to"

"Who´s the big guy sitting beside Jane

"Besides" can be used like "as well as" when we add new information to what is already known.

Besides literature, we have to study history and philosophy.

Hope this helps!


I don´t mind

Definition: It´s not important or it doesn´t bother me

I don´t mind ironing.
You can bring a friend. I don´t mind.